5 Most Beautiful Places Around the World for Taking Selfies

People are crazy about taking selfies all over the place they like a bit also. Taking selfies in different poses is the latest trend, in our lifestyle and so this has been added as an educational and professional subject in many institutes. Big thanks to the IT world, they brought up such a nice technology so that taking our pics is so much fun and easy. Now no one has to say, Excuse me! Can you please take a photograph of our group. You just need 3 things to take the best selfie- higher megapixel front camera, a great selfie stick and an amazing background. So here are top 5 places around the world with cool ideas where you can take most stunning selfies of yours.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made skyscraper consist of 123 floors. Isn’t it exciting standing on the top of the 123rd floor and taking a selfie while covering the whole gold city. This experience with a pose, will make you mesmerized and will give you a breathtaking view.

2. AntelopeCanyon
Taking a selfie in the mid of colourful rock formation, is a cool idea and will give you immense pleasure and excitement. This colourful rock formation is made up from eroding rivers and streams sandstone.
3. Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau
Global warming can add some extra effects to you selfie because of it glacier in Alaska is melting down which led them forming opulent ice caves. Taking selfie in front of the big falling ice chunks is a knockout thing.
4. Chittorgarh fort
India is full of its beautiful place all around the country. This is among one of them largest fort in the Indian subcontinent. Fort is such a huge which will give your selfie a background of scenery kind of effect.
5. Cape Town

Beach is a perfect place for your selfies. This is the best beach with Mediterranean climate throughout. Sometimes at Cape Town Penguins can become your selfie partner.

What you are waiting for just go take your phone and selfie sticks and start clicking your selfies at these beautiful places.